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About Lieferoo

Lieferoo is a community of trusted travelers & senders. We facilitate express & normal delivery of items which you are unable to send through traditional courier system. We help you send stuff along with the travelers who are going in the same direction anyway.

We are exploiting existing transportation of people traveling via cars, trains & buses. You can request a traveler to deliver an (awkward) item/s – things like furniture, bikes, Ski or Snowboard equipment etc. for you (Obviously if it aligns with their travel plan) .

How It Works

Post Your Item
You upload information about the details of your shipment including size, time span, and special instructions regarding packaging, etc.
begin here.
You get in touch with an agent and confirm the special instructions while hashing out details such as pick up & drop off location and allotted time frame.
Once both parties are clear on the delivery details you negotiate amongst yourselves about the final pricing. Lieferoo gives you the platform, but you define the specifics.

Why you should use Lieferoo ?

Safe and secure
We don't have insurance yet. We are working on the insurance to insure your item up to 1000€ and you'll have the ability to check feedback of couriers before doing transactions via our platform
Awkward items
Sending furniture, exercise equipment, fish tanks, etc. can put a big burden on traditional delivery systems. Lieferoo can get your packages of all sizes delivered without any special packaging or postage.
Flexibility and speed
Lieferoo couriers are heading to destinations all hours of the day with nights, weekends, and holidays included. Your packages to be delivered are no longer held captive by the daylight, weekday hours of traditional courier services.
Environment friendly
Not only are you saving money, you're reducing the carbon footprint on the Earth by foregoing an unnecessary trip. If somebody is passing by your package's destination it only makes sense to have them serve as your custom courier.
Help neighbors or earn money yourself
you'll help people earn extra money on their trips or have the possibility of becoming a trusted courier yourself.
Save Money
Send your item with much cheaper rate through our trusted network of travelers who are going in the same direction anyway.

People are sending following stuff

Snow Board
Surf Board
Bunch Of Cards


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Bob Nilson 20:15 When could you send me the report ?
Ella Wong 20:15 Its almost done. I will be sending it shortly
Bob Nilson 20:15 Alright. Thanks! :)
Ella Wong 20:16 You are most welcome. Sorry for the delay.
Bob Nilson 20:17 No probs. Just take your time :)
Ella Wong 20:40 Alright. I just emailed it to you.
Bob Nilson 20:17 Great! Thanks. Will check it right away.
Ella Wong 20:40 Please let me know if you have any comment.
Bob Nilson 20:17 Sure. I will check and buzz you if anything needs to be corrected.



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